Valuing life

Our vision is to inspire people to value their life!

To fulfill our vision, we cannot get distracted by "regression to mean". Hence, we try to function by a strict and regretful set of values. We embody them within our company and through our partnerships we work with. These values form the foundation of our culture.


Perseverance and relentless focus

Growth mindset

Embrace change and failures, loves disruption

Constant learning

We believe in "infinite beta"

High integrity

Own and being accountable

Customer empathy

Perceive customer context and pro-actively act

Engaged & valuable

Always committed, engaged and look forward

Intellectual curiosity

The attitude to go deep and solve hard problems

Open & transparent

Direct and diverse

Products that enhace possibilities

Design Thinking


Lean Agile

Right Technology

Validate product market fit with FASTER Time to Market

Gritstone Technologies is a product engineering firm, where we turn proof-of-concepts into a market-ready products, and scale them to achieve value and business goals.



Social Peer-to-peer FinTech Platform

Objective of the Agna is to provide a platform for users to collaborate for helping each other by financially transacting funds for purposes that are meaningful to them. Members register, link to their bank accounts and start transacting funds with their closely related friends or family. Agna is currently in the pre-beta stage, we are working hard to launch to public consumption soon. Look out for more updates in this corner!



A solution to the employment problem

Repetor is a product for screening candidates' employment qualifications. The product specializes in technology and management screening for aspiring candidates and providing career guidance along with personalized coaching.



Startup Operating System

GritNet is a highly sophisticated intranet product, especially designed and implemented for Startup or Small and Medium Firms. It provides intuitive, simple features for managing the daily operations of a company.



Trust beyond contract

Promise is a flexible platform for consumers and retailers, focusing to solve the problem of warranty management issues.

We are your Virtual Startup…

We provide services in the areas of UI/UX/Design, Product Engineering and Development, Product Management, Launch and Meticulous Execution

User Experience

Design Engineering


Design Thinking Workshops

Product Designs



Angular JS

React JS/ React Native

Microsoft .NET

.NET Core






Bootstrap 4





We're focused on Education/Employment, Financial Services, Healthcare.

Your requirement doesn't fall in cited domains?

Feel free to talk to us.


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  • .Net Developer - Min 2 years experience
  • PHP Developer - Min 3 years experience
  • SEO Analyst - Min 2 years experience.
  • Technical Manager - Min 3 years experience
  • Sales and Marketing Manager - Min 2 years experience
  • .Net trainees
  • MBA HR & Finance Officer - Min 3 year experience

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